The New 52

Before I made this site, I made a blog for a media studies class. We were given the freedom to fill it with whatever me chose, so long as it a) had something to do with media, and b) comprised of at least twenty posts by the end of the semester.

This being around the time DC Comics canceled their entire line and started again with all new number one issues, an event called The New 52, I decided to fill my quota by buying twenty of the new issues when they came out and give my first impressions. Some were good, some were not. Altogether, I managed the feat. And now that it’s ended, I feel it must be catalogued for future reference.

The following links lead to all the posts on that site comprising my first impressions of the New 52, in order of writing.

If I failed to talk about any titles you personally thought were unfairly left out, it’s only because I probably didn’t read it. These issues were the number ones I actually bought and read. By all means, read whatever ongoing DC title you wish, these are just the ones I chose at the time. Do I regret several choices? Indeed I do. But these I chose, and nothing can change that.

My only hope is that you read what I wrote, and understand that these were written when the titles themselves were just starting. And that you enjoy reading them just as much as I enjoyed writing them.



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