A Possible Sandman Movie is in the works

Nerd Cave.


Vertigo’s Sandman might end up making it to the big screen with some help from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Goyer, and Neil Gaiman himself. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is apparently working on a deal with Warner Bros. that could bring Gaiman’s epic story, Sandman, to life. JGL is not only looking to star in the film(Possibly as Dream of the Endless), but he is also looking into directing it as well after making his directorial debut with Don Jon.

Having David Goyer attached to produce is a huge deal as well. Goyer has had his hands in some great comic to film adaptations including Blade 2, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises. This is all huge news for anyone who has wanted to see this beloved series hit the big-screen and with a track record like Goyer’s, it bodes well for fans of the series.

Via his Twitter, JGL…

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