The Spider-Man who isn’t Peter Parker, as told by (one of) the guy(s) who killed Superman – The Sensational Spider-Man #0

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There have been many lamentable storylines in comic book history, attention-grabbers that mainly just succeeded at making loyal readers shake their heads and look elsewhere on the spinner rack. There was Superman turning into red and blue versions of himself, with new electricity-based powers. There was Batman getting a suit of armor that made him look more like a cat — oh, and it also wasn’t Bruce Wayne beneath the cowl (or helmet — whatever it was).

And then there was Ben Reilly and the Spider-Man Clone Saga. Reilly was supposed to be the real Peter Parker, cloned by the Jackal decades before in The Amazing Spider-Man #149 and apparently destroyed. He re-appeared in the mid-1990s, claiming that the Parker we had known since that forgotten tale was in fact the clone. This rendered years and years of Spider-Man history a fraud of sorts. We had been watching, and rooting for, an imposter. We…

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