The End of the New (Universe), Part 1 – The Pitt

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There have been many attempts to form cross-title comic book universes, those boutiques that propelled Marvel and DC to unexplored heights. Some, like Valiant, shine brightly like blazing comets before they lose their momentum and crash to the ground, victims of the gravity that makes comics such an unforgiving medium. Others aren’t even that lucky, and vanish almost as fast as they cohere, relegated to quarter bins and lining birdcages. Its tough up there on the industry’s macro level.

Most of the time, these crossover startups come from upstart publishers. Defiant. Continuity. Malibu. The list goes on. It’s rare that one of the big two, who have coasted on the rolling snowballs of their shared universes since time immemorial, get in on the action. But Marvel tried in a big way in the 1980s with their New Universe, intended to be a more cerebral, vérité-oriented and creator-driven line. For a time it held…

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