News & Views – August 2013 DC Cancellations

As the second year of the New 52 comes to a close, DC Comics has brought up another group of ongoing series for the cancellation train. Which long runners (by today’s standards) get put down? Which newer series get cut down in their prime? And what books will take their place?

We all knew this was coming people. Last year, DC canceled a number of their ongoing series on the one-year anniversary of the New 52, and this year is no different. They also canceled a bunch on the eight month anniversary, but we’ve already had that this year. They point is that some series are ending this month (August 2013), and in October we’ll get some replacements.

No, I didn’t forget September. That’s DC’s Villains Month. Where the entire month is devoted to villains getting their own one-shots…kind of. DC is also includes a yearly “Something Month” to their publishing pattern. Which is cool, unless you find it tedious and limiting.

Anyway, the titles ending this month are Legion of Superheroes, Demon Knights, Dial H, and Threshold. The first one I hold no particular affinity to but it’s a shame to see a series running since the beginning go so soon. More so for Demon Knights, because I actually read and loved it. Having read the final issue, I’m reasonably satisfied with the conclusion, as it leaves things open for a sequel that will probably never come. Dial H lasted longer than I ever imagined, and it managed to settle some of its plot threads. It helps that DIAL H #15 was a larger sized issue so it could cram more in. Still sad to see it go.

And then there’s Threshold, a series I could care less about and fully expected not to last. It relied on a stealth pilot in the pages of the Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual to drum up support. Support it didn’t get because all the characters introduced in that Annual were awful people we couldn’t care about.

Or maybe that’s just me.

With the cancellation of the aforementioned titles, vacancies are up to be filled. So what’s up next? First is Justice League 3000, concerning versions of the main members of the Justice League in the 31st century. You know, the time period the Legion of Superheroes was set in before it got canceled.

It’s official: DC is removing every unique property from their line-up and replacing it with the Justice League, or members thereof.

Speaking of which, the next is Superman/Wonder Woman. In the same vein as the recently released Batman/Superman, this series will team up the Man of Steel and Wonder Woman. At least it’s not yet another Batman book. We have enough of those clogging up the New 52.

Or maybe we don’t, because the third new series is Harley Quin. Yes, DC is making a character-specific spin-off, and it’s another bat-book. Don’t get me wrong, I like Harley Quin as much as the next guy. But were there really no other characters available for a new series?

And that’s about it, as far as I can tell. There probably should be a fourth new series, but maybe one of those were already started before this. I don’t know, and I’m hardly in the mood to find out.

Okay, there is one other series that’s actually starting this month (next week in fact): Batman Beyond Universe. But that doesn’t really count since it’s not a part of the New 52 and is just the direct sequel to the previous Batman Beyond series, Batman Beyond Unlimited. I’ll tell you all about it when that comes out.

Until then, enjoy series finales and villains…I guess.

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