The Weekly Pull – Extended/Indefinite Hiatus (5/27/13)

I decided I had to at least address the most important book to be released this past week. I had nine individual comics on my pull list, and I realized as I was preparing to return to my regularly scheduled posting that I had zero desire to do so. The last month I decided to halt The Weekly Pull because of outstanding work I needed to do. There simply wasn’t time, and this column is a huge time sink.

The Weekly Pull, as it turns out, became the equivalent to a five to ten page essay a week, something I’ve had trouble in the past keeping up with. As of now, circumstances dictate even that is far more than I can afford to devote. For now, I have more time than ever, yet I’ve realized with sickening dread that it’s an unsustainable state. My personal life is in shambles, and if I’m going to get myself back on track I can’t be distracted.

Does this mean I’m abandoning Sequential Smart entirely? No, I’m not. I’m still going to give my thoughts on the latest new releases in my First Impressions column. This is a fact that won’t change. Additionally, I have a number of personal projects I want to pursue, not necessarily related to comic books. I want to get my old review show up and running again. I’ve got a creative spark in me I want to exercise, and that needs a free writing hand. I need to prepare for the fall, which will undoubtedly be the busiest season for me.

And I need to find proper employment. I need this badly.

All this means I can’t continue updating the Weekly Pull. Perhaps it will be revived in the future, or I’ll update on occasion in a more limited form. I’ve long ruminated on the fact that most posts these days consisted half of retreading old ground, and half trying to be coy about the latest developments. I think it would help if I limited myself only to commenting when I think it absolutely necessary. And in much greater brevity.

Let’s be honest. The Weekly Pull is amateur blogging on the best of days. I don’t even edit what I write. It’s been badly in need of a format shift, and right now that format is extended hiatus.

I would say I hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone, but I know hardly anyone reads what I mindlessly type out. If you do, I hope I’ve been informative and, rarely, even funny. I love you all, and hope to see you in the future. If you want more, I’m currently quite active on Tumblr, though I mostly use it to reblog Homestuck images, among other fandom related materials. I also have a separate blog for my own photography, though I update it rarely and will likely update it still more rarely in the future. And yet another Tumblr for comics in particular, as well as the main one for Harpsicord Dreams Productions, the label for my videos. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Have a great summer, everyone! And remember to read good comic books.

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