First Impressions – MISTER X: EVICTION #1 (of 3)


With the recent success of Hard Candy, Dark Horse has allowed great graphic artist Dean Motter release yet another installment in the epic saga of Radiant City’s insomniac protector. It’s MISTER X: EVICTION #1. After the last few miniseries, the forces in charge of Radiant City have been purged, and a new regime took over. How will they attempt to abuse their position? What do their plans have to do with the eponymous Mister X’s master schematics for the city? And while that’s going on, what other men seek control?

It’ll help to read my post on Mister X: Hard Candy, because I go into detail about what the Mister X franchise is and what it’s about. Short version: art deco, film noir, and German expressionism smashed together in a retro-futurist political/psycho drama. Radiant City was designed to be a utopia, using the architecture itself to influence its citizens into pleasant mental health. But something went wrong with the psychetecture, and it turned the utopia into a hive for a gradually crazier populace, in addition to the expected urban social rot.

Only the enigmatic Mister X, a man addicted to designer brain drugs that allow him to go without sleep, knows enough of his city to fight for it.

As a result of the events of the miniseries Mister X: Condemned, as well as one other miniseries I haven’t read, the mayor’s office and the courts were swept clean by various murders, etc. As such, a whole new regime has stepped in to fill the void. Unfortunately in MISTER X: EVICTION #1, we’re told that the new regime has one thing on its mind: changing the architecture of the city to control the minds of the people. And in a more direct, Orwellian sense, as opposed to the passive way it was going on up until now. In order to enact their changes however, they require the plans for the city, which only Mister X possesses. As such, he stops by his on-again, off-again girlfriend Mercedes at her new apartment – the previous one having been destroyed by giant demolition robots as a part of an earlier bout of urban reorganization – in order to drop off sensitive documents.

While this is going on, reporter Rosetta Stone nurses her alcoholism as a result of her photographer suffering from a bad case of psychetecture-induced darkness phobia. She’s also following the wave of new robotic demolitions, thinking rightly that there’s something to it.

Unfortunately for Mister X, the entire main EVICTION storyline gets sidetracked when he’s captured by the police while on a run for coelacanth sauce for his food. Because you can’t have Chinese food without coelacanth. Obviously.

Not that the police get very far driving him back, because traffic over the entire city (or maybe just several major blocks) stops dead. It seems someone is working to mess with the workings of mass transit in Radiant City. Mister X would be able to help with that probably. It sure is a shame he’s handcuffed by the cops.

So yeah, they let him have a bit more leash so he can address the problem for them. Not that they needed to ask. Mister X, the insomniac architerrorist, loves his city.

It would seem from the above that MISTER X: EVICTION will divide itself into two sections per issue, if the pattern continues. One deals with the primary overarching plot, and the other deals with some specific trouble. Assuming the next two issues will follow the same format established here. By the way, I was incorrect in my earlier assessment of this series. EVICTION seems only set for a three part miniseries, instead of an ongoing like I assumed. Which is fine; sometimes the best thing for a struggling franchise is to tell stories when it’s ready, instead of trying to maintain an ongoing series.

If you’re a fan of Mister X, buying EVICTION doesn’t even need thought. If you’re new to the party, I suggest at least reading Condemned, which is available in trade form from the Dark Horse website.

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