The Weekly Pull (4/17/13) – ADVENTURE TIME #15


A picture is worth a thousand words. Which is good, because in ADVENTURE TIME #15, Finn and Jake will have to make do talking in pictures. When the Magic Man weaves his spells, can our heroes teach him a lesson in good manners? Or are they doomed to an eternity of pictography?

The Magic Man is a minor antagonist from the series who goes around making peoples’ lives miserable with his vague, poorly defined spells. That’s basically all you need to know going into ADVENTURE TIME #15. The Princesses of Ooo come together for tea, and the Magic Man crashes the party. In an effort to stop him from cursing any of the lovely ladies, Finn and Jake – using their combined and awesome Jakesuit form – take a bullet for them.

Although it was meant to silence Lumpy Space Princess, so I’m not sure why they even bothered. She’s really annoying.

Instead of taking away their voices entirely, the spell merely altered their method of speech so that it is represented by pictographs and symbols. Like when referring to themselves, their speech bubbles contain silhouettes of the two. If you ever read Generation X – a comic series from the nineties starring a bunch of cast-offs from the X-Men – it’s kind of like the power of minor character Artie Maddicks. Not that anyone actually remembers Generation X, to the point where Artie’s Wikipedia page doesn’t even have a picture of him.

ADVENTURE TIME #15 is the latest in a long line of experimental issues within the comic series. There’s a four page sequence playing out entirely through symbol conversations, and it’s pretty inventive. Although the end of that scene really, really stretches to represent the title catchphrase pictorially. Unlike previous issues obviously, like the one playing out as a choose your own adventure story, the gimmick doesn’t go on so long as to overstay its welcome.

The backup story, “Give Us Back BMO!”, comes to us from Jeremy Sorese. The resident computer robot is overloaded with star data, causing it to become a pulsating energy core in the sky. Or something. The story is minimalist, but the art is simply fantastic.

One last point of order, I bought the B cover with Flame Princess. It’s really cool, I’m rather fond of the character. But she’s not really in the comic. Oh she can be found amongst other Princesses in crowd shots, but trust me. Like Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars Episode II, Flame Princess is Not In This Comic. And the problem I have is that, maybe I’m just old fashioned and idealistic, but I tend to think covers ought to reflect the contents of the comics they’re plastered over. Even variant covers. I’m not a fan of covers that lie.

At least it looks nice. Wonder when Flame Princess actually will appear in the comic.

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