The Weekly Pull (4/17/13) – BLOODSHOT #10


“Harbinger Wars” continues in BLOODSHOT #10. Having rescued a number of psychic children from Project Rising Spirit, Bloodshot now has to find what to do with them. Can he stand to be around them for the foreseeable future? Are they as much a threat to him as his enemies? And isn’t Toyo Harada looking for them?

Under the impression he’d be able to find information on his true identity, Bloodshot attacked a Project Rising Spirit base alongside two allies: an EMT named Kara Murphey, and a psionic named Pulse. But the man who gave Bloodshot his intel, former PRS scientist Dr. Kuretich, had other intentions. The room Bloodshot raided had no servers, just psychic children. Being that Bloodshot is a good guy – nominally at least – he took them with despite their initial reluctance to go with the man who captured them in the first place.

Also Pulse died during the attack. So sad.

BLOODSHOT #10 opens with Bloodshot and his many reluctant…associates(?) wandering the desert of the now destroyed PRS base. Because we need to have at least one action scene per issue, some random mercenaries, hired by who knows who, drop in. It goes about as well as can be expected when they are ignorant people trying to mess with a super-soldier and a pack of powerful-minded children. I guess it does give us a chance to see the kids in action and develop their characters a bit, but mostly it’s because of the fight quota.

Honestly after the last several issues of fighting cyborgs and evil grandmas, I would think we’d be due a chance to breath.

The rest of BLOODSHOT #10 has the gang holding up in a safe house Bloodshot prepared. Although considering the timeline showed so far, I don’t know when he had time to set it up, especially without Kara knowing. More character development happens, both for the kids and for Bloodshot himself.

Guess now’s a good chance to start introducing these kids, since we’ll be seeing a lot of them. There’s Kalea and Clem, the oldest, who can lower mental defenses and use mind control respectively. They spend this issue plotting ways to take over Bloodshot and use him for their own ends, an effort thwarted by Bloodshot’s nanomachines and unwillingness to lower his defenses. There’s Nora, the black girl in pig tails who can sense emotions and force others to feel things. Graham creates constructs based on his parents and sister (who presumably are either still in their homes or, more likely, dead). One girl whose name I don’t recall, but has a psychic link with her twin brother James, the latter having accidentally found his way into the other group of escaped psychic children that will appear in Harbinger. There’s the youngest boy whose named escapes me, that creates illusions (I think). And another boy with longer hair whose name I don’t know, and I think he can create light. That one doesn’t do much except do a little bonding with Bloodshot.

I think that’s everyone. I can’t be sure because a couple of them look really similar, and there’s a lot of kids. I’ll open up the older issues to see if I missed anyone.

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