The Weekly Pull (4/17/13) – SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #8


Ottoman has been a bad superhero, and now the Avengers want answers. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #8 pits the octopi-turned-arachnid against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, as well as giving him a rematch with the medical vigilante Cardiac. Will the Avengers finally see through Octavius? Why does Cardiac need Ock’s old equipment? And will the vestigel remains of Peter Parker’s personality break through?

More importantly, would it be better if he didn’t?

Previously on SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN: Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus, cheated death by swapping minds with Peter Parker. Now he’s swinging around, living Peter’s life and calling himself Superior. And he’s been busy, especially when it comes to his harder stance on super criminals. Many were beaten, others scared of receiving the same treatment, and one of them is dead by Ottoman’s hands (not that it wasn’t justified or prudent). Otto is, at his heart, a villain trying to play a superhero, and his methods are, to say the least, extreme.

Sooner or later someone was bound to take notice. In this case, it’s the Avengers.

These guys have known Spiderman for a long time. And they’ve seen their friends (and themselves) get mind controlled or replaced with robots/aliens/demons or turn evil just because. So with Ottoman’s brutality, they confronted him on it, demanding he submit to tests to prove he’s who he says he is.

Otto responds by resisting violently. Not because there’s a significant cause for concern about finding his altered brain patterns, but because he’s kind of a dick. If he’d been caught right there, I would feel no sympathy. But luckily for him, they rule out the known mind controls or body doubles, especially noting he’s not a skrull. Which confuses me, since as I recall the entire point behind the Secret Invasion was that they couldn’t tell a skrull imposter from the original. That’s what the paranoia was about, even if the actual resolution turned out to be crap.

I don’t know, maybe they figured out the new skrull tech that they couldn’t check before. I don’t know.

With that out of the way, Ottoman turns his attention back to Cardiac, the vigilante doctor. In order to render aid to a little girl (because it’s always a little girl), Cardiac broke into a storage facility with supervillain tech, and tried to lift one of Doc Ock’s old inventions. When Ottoman found out it was his own property being stolen, he flipped his lid and tried to kill Cardiac. It was only because the Avengers came in (and for Peter’s spirit exercising greater control of his old body) that Cardiac got away with the device.

So Otto resumes his search to get it back.

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #8 is a turning point, in more ways than one. Otto confronts his assumptions and priorities when it comes to being a hero (in a pretty touching scene I won’t spoil). Peter’s locked-in-own-head subplot moves into a very important stage that I also won’t spoil. And Carlie Cooper – Peter’s former girlfriend that a lot of Spidey fans hated – has gotten much more information about the newly Superior Spiderman, and is convinced she knows what’s going on. She’s even bringing in an old friend/enemy of hers to prove it. Who it is I can’t spoil, because we aren’t shown, nor would I likely know who it is because I haven’t been with Dan Slott’s run that long.

If nothing else, the next issue will be very, very interesting.

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