The Weekly Pull (4/17/13) – DAREDEVIL #25


The Man Without Fear is under frequent assault by forces that hate him. Forces that know who he is, and how he became what he is. But in DAREDEVIL #25, will a mysterious visitor provide him with the answers he needs? Or is Matt Murdock falling into yet another trap? And who is Ikari?

Previously on DAREDEVIL: a bunch of convicts attacked the city, totally blind but enhanced with super senses. Then a bunch of dogs were delivered in a crate to the Law Offices of Nelson and Murdock, similarly blinded and sense enhanced, and intent on death. This leads to one conclusion: someone has been experimenting one living things, and has replicated the specific radioactive formula that gave Matt his super senses and blindness.

And also turned turtles into ninjas, but that’s a different story altogether.

While Matt is busy at the bedside of his friend and partner Foggy Nelson – currently suffering from a bone tumor that may or may not have become cancerous – he’s visited by a youth badly burned by chemicals and wearing the same uniform as the convicts. He claims to have escaped from the ones responsible, and offers to take Matt there.

You already know how this goes. It’s a trap. Duh. The matter in question, as always, is how to properly spring it.

DAREDEVIL #25 introduces us to Ikari (“fury” in Japanese), a ninja who is, like many villains before him, simply another subcontracted minion working to screw with Daredevil. Have I mentioned before that DAREDEVIL and CAPTAIN MARVEL, two series running parallel, have a lot of plot points in common. In this case, mysterious masterminds bent on digging up the past in order to screw with the heroes. Makes me think Daredevil and Captain Marvel should collaborate, compare notes and tips.

That would be fun. But the fact that these two series have so much in common right now is probably a coincidence.

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