The Weekly Pull (4/17/13) – CAPTAIN MARVEL #12


It’s CAPTAIN MARVEL #12, and she’s still fighting the Deathbird lookalike. But this time she’s ready with a flying motorcycle and a brain full of tumor and rage. But what’s the real secret behind the tumor trouble? Who sent Captain Marvel’s old enemy after her? And what does any of this have to do with the upcoming crossover storyline “The Enemy Within”?

Oh yes people. Another storyline that will require me to buy even more books. Hurray.

Carol Danvers, the titular Captain Marvel, received the startling news that an entire tumorous mass is sandwiched between her cranial lobes. And it just so happens that it’s stuck in just the spot where any activation of her ability to fly stimulates the tumor to push into her brain, causing headaches, disorientation, and now full-on black outs. Her doctor gave Carol an ultimatum: no more flying. At least not under her own power.

And wouldn’t you know it? It just so happens that one of Carol’s oldest enemies (or a facsimile of her), Deathbird, has come back to screw with her. As you can imagine, Deathbird can fly, and expects Carol to fight her in the air.

As it turns out, all of this is an elaborate plan by someone – it’s revealed at the end so I can’t spoil it – to screw with Captain Marvel. Meaning Deathbird (or Newbird as she was called last issue but for some reason isn’t called that in this one) is an independent contract screwdriver. As we learn in CAPTAIN MARVEL #12, this for some reason also has something to do with Helen Cobb, Carol’s mentor and pilot role model.

So remember those first half dozen issues of CAPTAIN MARVEL that focused to varying degrees on Cobb? That’s all suddenly relevant outside of just character stuff. I’m just as surprised as anyone.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #12 can be divided into two plots running parallel, like many foreign films with scenes added by other film makers for international release. Plot A is Captain Marvel’s overblown showdown with Newbird, using the flying motorcycle she got from Captain America in place of her own flight. Plot B concerns Carol’s doctor meeting with a specialist with experience in what they think is the same thing plaguing the poor girl. It’s actually a pretty good balance, making entertaining what otherwise might have just been one extended fight scene.

And if the latest issue of Green Lantern Corps has taught us anything, it’s that entire issues devoted to a single fight scene don’t always make for the most stimulating reads. That, and Mogo is kind of a manipulative bastard.

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