The Weekly Pull (4/17/13) – SWORD OF SORCERY #7


Once again, a promising young series nears its end before it can even start. In SWORD OF SORCERY #7, Gemworld comes under siege by its most ancient foe: Eclipso. Now that he’s there, what plans does he have for the magical realm? From whence did the master of the black diamond come? And how will Amethyst and her allies react to his arrival?

By the way, despite him being on the cover, Constantine is no longer in this comic. His subplot is over.

The last several issues have all been about establishing the political climate of Gemworld (no, I still refuse to call it by its in-universe name). Particularly we’ve seen its various gem houses, including the houses of Amethyst, Diamond, and Onyx. These three are of interest at the moment, as we learn Eclipso’s plan: reclaim control of houses Diamond and Onyx, and use their forces to lay siege to house Amethyst.

As we learn from Princess Ingvie after the massive data dump she received – oh before I forget, Ingvie’s mom and head of house Citrine got killed by Eclipso – the villain first appeared in Gemworld as Lord Kaala, product of previously unheard of union between Diamond and Onyx. He killed his parents and gained control of both houses’ blood power by way of channeling it through his black diamond, and used his powers to take over the world.

Of course.

And then he got banished to Earth in a pretty heroic sacrifice by a lady of house Amethyst, a sacrifice we never get to see. SWORD OF SORCERY ends next issue (admittedly with a larger than normal size issue), so we’ve got to wrap up all the exposition quickly. Despite this, it only mildly seems like the comic is rushing, as we get at least a few character moments in between setting things up for the climactic final battle.

Naturally, since the story is needing to resolve the Eclipso storyline as the finale to the book, the original antagonist Lady Mordiel is getting the shaft here. That’s the unfortunate fact of the matter. There’s a heck of a lot of storylines that were clearly supposed to play out before, but now they’ll have to get resolved quick and dirty. At least the house Diamond stuff is more or less paying out, if not the way it was probably meant to. But that will have to come for next month.

And then of course there’s the backup story with Stalker. The devil has the immoral immortal trapped in a church, with only his distant descendent, a flustered priest, the basest of holy power, and the equally base bits of magick to weather the incursion. The devil wants that child, and Stalker is hardly in any position to stop him.

It’s here of course the last plot twists come into play, namely concerning the nature of Stalker’s deal. It’s pretty tragic, actually, and I mean that in the traditional sense of the flawed hero.

Not that it ends with death, per se. Rather, it ends on a cliffhanger. A cliffhanger in the Evil Dead 2 sense of blatant sequel bait. Unlike Evil Dead 2, I’m not sure if Stalker’s story will get an Army Of Darkness style follow-up, given that the series is ending. It’s obvious this story – as well as the Beowolf story from the beginning of SWORD OF SORCERY – was written with the assumption that it would last longer than it did. Meaning we’ll have to make due with the closure we get, because we’ll probably never get follow-ups. And unlike something like OMAC, I doubt we’ll see Stalker show up. He’s not just an obscure character from an obscure book, he’s an obscure character from an obscure backup story from an obscure book.

Though if OMAC is any indication, if Stalker were put onto Justice League Dark or something, that series would end up being canceled. Just to spite him.

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