The Weekly Pull (4/17/13) – GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #19


“Wrath of the First Lantern” is almost over. GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #19 has what remains of the titular group being confronted by Sinestro…and a white lantern Simon Baz?

Over in the main Green Lantern book, Sinestro escaped the dead zone, and traveled to his homeworld of Korugar in an attempt to ensure it’s protection against Volthoom. Unfortunately, being the guy he is, the First Lantern blew Korugar to pieces specifically to screw with Sinestro. The planet he loved – the primary reason he became a villain – is now dead, as is everyone on it.

He takes it well, all things considered. He only tries to kill Kyle Rayner when he and Carol Farris show up because Kyle is a white lantern.

Also Simon Baz and B’DG show up. Somehow. No really, how did Simon and B’DG escape the inescapable prison inside a black hole? The prison designed to contain the First Lantern? Admittedly Sinestro also escaped, but that’s because he’s got all sorts of experience shifting into different dimensions, so if anyone could just leave it’d be him. But now everybody is getting out, and I want to know why. I mean, what’s the point of having the prison inside a black hole if anyone can just casually leave?

About the whole White Lantern Simon Baz thing. It’s really not important. He puts on Kyle’s ring for a minute or so and then it goes back to Kyle. Almost nothing (aside from some minor character bits) is accomplished from this, other than to prove that no, you cannot use a white lantern ring to bring an entire planet’s worth of people back to life. Not that it would work all that well even if they could, because unless they intend to reform the entire planet, the people of Korugar would just die immediately after because they’re hanging in the vacuum of space.

Plus, wasn’t Brightest Day all about how using the white light to casually resurrect people was impossible? I distinctly remember that being stressed heavily at the time.

Next month Wrath of the First Lantern ends with an extra large sized Green Lantern #20. With it goes Geoff Johns on the GL books. Not sure what I’ll be doing with myself after it’s over. Should I continue reading the GL books once the creative director for the last several years leaves? On the one hand, I ought to give the succeeding books a chance, as they’ll need all the help they can get. Johns is a tough act to follow, so we should be ready to support them.

On the other hand, this is easily the best opportunity I’ll ever have to drop several ongoing series from my pull list. And do I need that.

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