The Weekly Pull (4/10/13) – UNCANNY AVENGERS #6


Matters are, if not ideal, then least ways stable in the relative present. So UNCANNY AVENGERS #6 takes a trip back in time, to see the first encounter between Thor and Apocalypse. How will (or did) Thor fare against the invincible mutant tyrant? And how does any of this factor into the plans of Kang the Conqueror?

In the previous couple issues, readers were (re)introduced to Kang the Conqueror, a time-traveling supervillain with a long history – pun yes intended – with the Avengers. This time, his sights are set upon the Apocalypse twins, the most recent, infant incarnations of long-time X-Men villain of the same name. Turns out Kang has a vested interest in preventing them from rising to power, and to do that he must make circuitous plans.

What does that have to do with a much younger Thor fighting a previous incarnation of Apocalypse? More than you think, but it’s kind of spoiler-y.

But yes, Thor gets a issue more or less to himself, as he is attacked by Apocalypse in the 11th century. I admit my familiarity with Thor’s history is sparse at best, though I can say this was the period before the god of thunder obtained his trademark hammer. Instead he’s running around with an ax. Keep this is mind, because it’s important for the issue’s resolution.

Why is Apocalypse attacking Thor, anyway? It’s because, according to a time-traveling Egyptian pharaoh named Rama-tut, Thor would eventually come to complicate Apocalypse’s plans. But Rama-tut points not only to the Asgardian prince, but to the ancestor of Apocalypse’s “greatest enemy”.

It’s Wolverine. I’m just saying it now, the ancestor is of Wolverine. It’s so obvious, and it makes so little difference in the grand scheme of things as to be unworthy of efforts to hide it.

I would say UNCANNY AVENGERS #6 is a good place to jump onto the book, except it leans greatly on the Kang subplot established in earlier issues. Which means if you hadn’t read them, you’d be utterly lost here. But from the perspective of someone who reads UNCANNY AVENGERS but doesn’t know much about Thor in particular, this is a pretty decent introduction to his character and world. We’re shown a vision of Thor’s home life with his fellow Asgardians, in particular with his father Odin. Admittedly it’s centuries out of date, but it’s still a relevant slice.

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