The Weekly Pull (4/10/13) – GREEN LANTERN CORPS #19


GREEN LANTERN CORPS #19 marks the tenth(!) part of Wrath of the First Lantern, with the nearly the entire corps snared by Volthoom. But the biggest member of them all remains unbound, and it’s Green Lantern Mogo. Will this spell the end of the emerald warriors? Does Mogo possess the power and will necessary to thwart the First Lantern? Or will its presence somehow further hinder the Corps’ efforts?

After the last few issues, the bulk of the Green Lantern Corps has been captured by the First Lantern, who is busy using their own pasts against them to charge his power. It’s not looking good for any of them, drained of their strength and – more importantly – their will to fight.

So it’s a good thing Mogo (apparently) has the power to break them out. Convenient. Granted, what Mogo actually does is pretty clever. Its crust, already pretty loose from reforming over the past several issues, breaks into small particles and grabs the whole lot of the ring users and brings them right to Mogo’s surface.

Okay, explaining Mogo. For those who either just joined us or haven’t been reading the GL books, Mogo is a sentient planet that’s a part of the corps. This would be odd, except the Green Lantern Corps has had everything from micro-organisms to sentient algebra among their ranks. A living planet is just par for the course. But when writer Geoff Johns came onto the GL books and began welding every stray bit of background detail from its history into his own myth arc, he elevated Mogo from merely another member of the corps to the single most important member. Mogo is the lynchpin upon which the entire organization is based, the being that directs the free green lantern rings to their respective recruits. Additionally, Mogo might just be the most loyal member of the organization, giving everything it has for the corps so they can succeed.

Hence why it was a big deal when John Stewart blew up the planet earlier in GREEN LANTERN CORPS.

So the whole Corps gets to the surface of Mogo, and in bad shape. But wouldn’t you know it? The nigh invincible realty warping First Lantern shows up and sicks an entire army of doppelgangers on the corps, composed of red, yellow, and black lantern versions of each member.

And then they fight! They fight a lot. In fact, a good chunk of GREEN LANTERN CORPS #19 is one extended, dialogue-free brawl across the face of Mogo. I hope you’re the kind of person who loves your comics full of straight fighting, because this issue has a lot of it.

One last thing. The book is very obviously structured around this being the Green Lantern Corps going all out. About how they’re recovering from the mind rape they experienced at the hands of Volthoom. About how they need to replenish their supplies of willpower, and come together for the final fight, as a Corps. Except it’s sort of funny when in all this green-centric character stuff, they are also fighting alongside Star Sapphire Fatality.

It’s like: Green. Green. Green. Violet! Green. Kind of takes the strength out of the call for willpower when one of the people fighting doesn’t even use it as her primary power source. Then again, this is neither the situation nor is Fatality the kind of girl where loving the enemies would do any good.

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