The Weekly Pull (4/10/13) – DEMON KNIGHTS #19


With the old gang finally coming together, it’s time to go to the isle of the Amazons. In DEMON KNIGHTS #19, it’s the eponymous knights versus Cain, guest starring all the Amazons most people don’t care about. But will they be able to end the vampire army’s reign of bloody terror? Will Exoristos regret defying the mandate of her exile? And what horrible destiny would cause Sir Ystin, the Shining Knight, to die by Cain’s fangs?

Thanks once again, DC, for blatantly spoiling the plot twist in the fold-out cover.

The few remaining vampires on the shore of Greece have been wiped out, but the effort has drained the demon Etrigan’s strength. Normally he’d be ducking back into hell to refresh himself…except his counterpart Jason Blood refuses to allow it. Because he has that power, apparently. Jason, pissed at Etrigan for looking down on him, decided it’d be best to endure an extended stay in hell to teach the demon a lesson. Unfortunately this couldn’t come at a less appropriate time, as Vandal Savage and his forces catch up with the Knights.

Thankfully for them all, Savage is at least nominally capable of listening to reason, and agrees that allowing Cain to convert the Amazons to his cause would just snowball into a world order unsuited to the immortal caveman’s liking. So the two groups join forces again and sail for Themyscira.

Turns out at least one other malignant force, the devil himself, doesn’t like the idea of a world filled with undying creatures. Can’t fill the torment pits if no one dies anymore. It’s actually surreal seeing Lucifer being afraid of anything.

There’s also the business with Exoristos and Shining Knight. I assume the next issue will explore it in more detail, but Exoristos steps foot on her home island just fine, even though it was foretold such a thing would never happen. As for Ystin, there’s some business with Merlin stating shle would be corrupted, and such corruption would be essential to shler quest for the Holy Grail. Or at least that’s what I think is going on, because for the life of me I can’t remember this ever being brought up before. I’m just inferring what I can from the events that transpire.

The point is, Shining Knight does a dumb this issue. A dumb that’ll take a few issues more to fix, I’ll bet.

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