The Weekly Pull (4/3/13) – SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #7


Another day, another brutalized segment of New York’s villain population. But in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #7, our titular “reformed” villain faces both the wrath of Cardiac and the disapproval of the Avengers. For what reason is the medical vigilante breaking into a secure evidence repository? How will the more aggressive Ottoman deal with a morally ambiguous situation? And will he be forced to answer to the real Spiderman’s (amazing) friends?

Last issue, Otto Octavius (inside Peter Parker’s body) brutally beat a pair of minor villains. This of course after the many other villains and minor criminals Ottoman has beaten to within an inch of their lives, including at least one octogenarian. Granted, he also killed a dude, but he was basically a more serious Joker, so I doubt anyone would blame him. But between all this, Peter Parker’s old friends at the Avengers have grown concerned that he might not be who he says he is. Like he’s been replaced or taken over somehow.

This is in no way an unrealistic possibility, given what Marvel superheroes deal with literally ALL THE TIME.

Speaking of Peter Parker, his personality is still around even after the mind swap Otto pulled on him. After however much time has passed in-universe since, Peter finally decided to try asserting more control of his body, starting with surreptitious use of his right hand while Otto is asleep.

I called it. I totally called that this change would be reversed inside of two years.

So what’s the plot of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #7? Well, we’re reintroduced to a minor character in Spiderman’s mythos called Cardiac. I hesitate to call him a villain, on account of him having the noblest of intentions – not that noble intentions in any way excuse evil action. He’s part vigilante and part surgeon, using thievery and illicit means to provide medical attention to those who need it most. He’s like Black Jack, except with a nuclear power cell on his suit. And without a diminutive sidekick made of mannequin parts and tumors.

That sounded much less disturbing in my head. Sorry Mr Tezuka.

Anyway, Cardiac is trying to open an old homeless shelter – one that just so happened to have been a front for another supervillain – in order to himself use it as a front for black market medical care for those unable to obtain proper treatment. But in order to give one patient (a little girl, naturally) the work she needs, Cardiac needs the proper technology. And where better to salvage such tech than in the police storage facility for supervillain crap.

Because if I were in charge of the police in the Marvel universe, I’d also just file away all the brilliant and misapplied inventions instead of sending them to government research labs. It’s not like the world could use flying harnesses or biotechnology or any of the other amazing things super criminals build on a weekly basis.

I would start taking bets about when the Ottoman change will be reversed, but I’ve seen some teaser images of later issues, so unfortunately I have a more concrete idea of when we can expect a mind battle or whatever.

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