The Weekly Pull (4/3/13) – EARTH 2 #11


In the heights of Fate’s tower, Khalid confronts his ultimate destiny. But in EARTH 2 #11, will the power of Nabu drive the young Doctor mad? Can Flash Jay Garrick best the beast guarding the tower? And what’s Wotan’s ultimate beef with Nabu?

Oh, and since he appears on the cover fold-out, what role will Mr. Miracle play in this drama?

Not much, it turns out. Just that he exists in this universe, he’s hanging around the ruins of Gotham, and that Steppenwolf wants him. So I hope I like both him and Big Barda, because between this series and Batman Beyond Unlimited, I’m going to be seeing an awful lot of them from here on.

So this issue starts off with Wotan continuing his exposition dump to Jay’s mom, because she’s his hostage and there’s no one else around to tell it to. It’s a good thing she helpfully feeds him lines to loosen his explanations, this time of Wotan’s past lives and the encounter with Nabu that led to him having green skin. It’s actually kind of interesting, though once again we’re firmly in James Robinson’s old writing style.

While all of that is going on, the Flash and Khalid run around Fate’s Tower, trying to dodge the beast guarding it, and find the Helmet of Nabu. As you can probably imagine, EARTH 2 #11 focuses on these two characters, and their development. Jay Garrick must overcome the fact that he’s kind of a coward in order to be brave, while Khalid must find the helm and accept his fate as Doctor Fate. I especially like how the book gives a reason why he’s called “Doctor” Fate, a title that goes all the way back to the Golden Age and which has aged poorly considering a sorcerer is not necessarily a doctor.

But I’ll get more into Doctor Fate come next issue.

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