The Weekly Pull (4/3/13) – GREEN LANTERN #19


This month, DC is releasing books with extra long covers that fold in. Which means my job of finding usable cover art for the site just became harder.

Anyway, Wrath of the First Lantern is still going on. Sinestro managed to escape the land of the dead, leaving Hal Jordan behind with an awful choice. In GREEN LANTERN #19, can the corps’ first renegade member succeed where all others failed? Or will he once again flail impotently against the tide? Will Hal be able to escape death? Or will he be forced to embrace it?

We’re making the rounds to all the various main characters in the mythos here in Wrath of the First Lantern, more or less, so it’s time for Sinestro to have a turn. Last issue, he had an extended brawl with Hal Jordan over who should get the green lantern ring jointly “owned” by the two of them and Simon Baz.

Now that I think of it, that entire subplot is kind of confusing. Like, really confusing.

Anyway, Sinestro won out, and managed to escape the Dead Zone with Simon, leaving Hal behind with the deceased Tomar-Re. It’s here, strapped for options and without knowing whether another trip can be made to retrieve him too, Hal considers what is probably the single most antithetical-to-good-sense course of action: kill himself, and come back as a black lantern.

This moment has precedence of course. Give Geoff Johns one thing, he follows up on his plot threads (sure will be sad to see him leave the GL books). Way back in an earlier issue, Black Hand riffled through the pages of the book of the black and discovered it prophesied that not only was Hal not his enemy, but that Hal would go on to be the greatest black lantern ever. Because if you’ve been keeping count, Hal has worn every other color ring at least briefly.

But aside from that, this is a primarily Sinestro focused installment. Don’t ask me how, but he manages to escape the prison Simon et al were trapped in, somehow. I know his forces have demonstrated a mastery of shifting into other dimensions, but I’d think a vault inside a black hole designed to contain the First Lantern would be a bit harder to just pop out of.

He travels to his long-suffering homeworld of Korugar, in order to maybe enlist his people to help him fight the First Lantern. And yes, GREEN LANTERN #19 does lampshade the fact that Sinestro never asks for help. He’s just that desperate.

Too bad said First Lantern pops up to do exactly what he always does. Capture a main character, show he’s nigh invincible, and subjects them to a mind screw. Except this time, the result is slightly different than usual, and has a lot more dire consequences. That last part for multiple reasons.

Remember how this entire series – at least the current rebooted ongoing – was all about Sinestro? How he’s forced back into the Green Lantern Corps, and has to confront everything that made him who he is? GREEN LANTERN #19 is the biggest turning point in his development. The cover flap spoils it, so I feel no guilt in saying he’s tempted by the power of fear once again. A development that seems like a step backwards, like we’re undoing the last year or so of stories, but I disagree. It’s clear, though he might return to the color yellow that he’s not doing so the same man as before.

Then again, such is mostly just speculation on my part.

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