The Weekly Pull (3/27/13) – SCARLET SPIDER #15


No more is Kaine a man; the man is dead, leaving only The Other. In SCARLET SPIDER #15, the reluctant hero returns from death to finish the Mexican werewolves that seek to capture or kill Aracely. But will his new power as a spider monster be enough to put down the dogs? And more importantly, will he be able to stop himself from making prey of the woman he’s sworn to protect?

Way in the beginning of the series, Kaine’s first on-panel act of heroism was to save Aracely from some human traffickers. But given that Aracely has amnesia and no one else in the container he found her in survived, we never knew how she came to be in it or why she was put there. SCARLET SPIDER #15 gladly illuminates part of the mystery: some old man with a wolf is a part of a conspiracy (or something) that wants her dead, and used the Roxxan corporation’s desire for living test subjects to set up an assassination attempt on her.

You remember that whole business with Roxxan? The one where Kaine teamed up with the Rangers to stop an eldritch horror? Turns out that otherwise unrelated adventure was a plot point. Either this was planned, or the writers are really, really good at arc welding.

So in the last two issues, Aracely was attacked by werewolves sent by said old man, and in the process Kaine was killed. Apparently all persons endowed with spider powers is tied to a life web, and there’s a force within that web called The Other that wants to be made manifest. And since Spiderman rejected the Other, Kaine was chosen as a backup, as he’s the only surviving Spiderman clone. So once he died this time, the Other offered to bring him back to life so long as he gave into his arachnid nature.

He did, and now he’s a weird spider monster. Spider Monster Vs Werewolves! Fight!

I…got nothing else. Which is not to say there’s nothing else to say, only that after this we’re venturing into spoiler territory. What I can say is that, for better or worse, the current story arc ends, which will lead into the next one. One that involves an entire team of Mexican supervillains with one goal: prepare for the coming of Mictlan and the Sixth Creation.

No, I don’t know what that means. This better be good, comic. Oh who am I kidding? I love it.

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