The Weekly Pull (3/27/13) – THE FLASH #18


A sense of normalcy returns to Central City, but not for long. In THE FLASH #18, the Trickster is wanted – for murder. Is the lad truly guilty? What of these new super fast individuals running around? And what does any of this have to do with Dial H?

No I’m serious, we’re crossing over with Dial H now. I love it when the obscure comics I love get mentions in the pages of more popular comics.

I want to say this issue can act as a jumping on point for new readers – mostly because Marcio Takara takes over penciling duties and because a major storyline just ended – but this is not quite the case. For one, we learn that two of the guys who got lost in the Speed Force have developed powers from the experience. One of them can run faster (I guess, it’s clearly not nearly as fast as the Flash himself) and the other can apparently supercharge technology to make it work…better? Exactly what these two got isn’t explained very well. All I know is one went from fat to buff in a short period (probably enhanced metabolism) and the other is flying a hover scooter.

They fight crime. Too bad they kind of suck at it, and are putting themselves and others in danger. The Flash is going to have words.

If you hadn’t already been reading, you’d also have missed that the Trickster got kicked out of the Rogues for being a backstabbing little shit, and got his arm ripped off by gorillas. Although they do explain this in the comic, so I guess you aren’t too out in the cold.

So what’s this about the Trickster being wanted for murder? Somebody blew into a jewelry store, accidentally killing the security guard. The authorities blame the Trickster, though it’s clear there’s not nearly enough definitive evidence suggesting it was him. I smell conspiracy. Or something.

Let’s talk about the new art. Brian Buccellato is still on color, but the artist was replaced by Marcio Takara. The new penciling is okay. It’s reminiscent enough to the old art style that it took me a minute to realize there was even a change. I have no problem with the new arrangement.

I could explain what the deal is between THE FLASH #18 and Dial H, but I think I’ll save that for later. It’s better that way. Fewer spoilers.

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