The Weekly Pull (3/20/13) – HARBINGER #10


Project Rising Spirit has finally captured super-psychic Peter Stanchek after years of pursuit, him and his little friends. But they didn’t claim all of them, and when the least likely member of the Renegades flies free, look out! Yes I’m serious. HARBINGER #10! Will the disorganized group of superpowered youths be able to escape with their lives? Or does this spell curtains for them all? And what secret connection do Peter and the enigmatic Mr Tull share?

And how will this ultimately tie into Harbinger Wars?

Faith Herbert – otherwise known as Zephyr – managed to evade capture when Project Rising Spirit attacked. In spite of her own fears, she sneaks into where Peter is held and disengages the machine keeping his mind in check. And even though the rest of the group is kept in place by power-inhibiting helmets, non-powered second in command Kris said it best.

They die plotting. Or live, as it were.

Really, what did you expect? For the Renegades to be taken down and used in PRS experiments? For the story of Peter Stanchek to end here? Hardly likely, but it’s a close call nonetheless. I don’t have much to say beyond that about HARBINGER #10. I’m basically riding until Harbinger Wars starts next month, where hopefully a lot more insane tomfooleries will occur.

Oh, here’s something. Project Rising Spirit has helmets that protect their soldier from mind control. This is always helpful, though this hardly protects them from just having their brains outright attacked. Granted, most psychics in the Valiant universe seem to be limited to the one specialized power. It’s only the rare few – like Peter or Harada – who can basically do it all.

Here’s a question though: if you don’t have the funds to afford these helmets for all your men, why wouldn’t you give some to the pilots of your helicopter? Seems like they’d be the most important guys to shield from psychic influence. Just saying.

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