The Weekly Pull (3/20/13) – ADVENTURE TIME #14


Kewlboy is dead. Long live Kewlboy! The malignant computer virus that took over BMO has claimed an army of robots, as well as digital remnant of its creator. In ADVENTURE TIME #14, can Finn, Jake, and Marceline defeat the amalgam of mechanical might? Can they do so without harming innocent robots? Or will the program formerly known as Ewlbo assimilate the planet? Or whatever its plan is?

Alright, how to explain this? Well, while Finn, Jake, and Marceline were playing a hacked video game, BMO got infected by a computer virus. This eventually led to BMO traveling in a trance to an old military base, where it and every other robot in Ooo rebooted. Coming back online, every robot turned out to be infected by the same malignant techno-intelligence called Ewlbo. While searching for a means of freeing the innocent machines, our heroes discovered the creator of Ewlbo, a programmer named Kewlboy (or Randall) from before the Mushroom War that programmed his personality to escape destruction. Thinking he could interface with and gain control of the rampaging hive mind, Kewlboy was instead absorbed into the virus, which decided to form a massive giant robot. A giant robot made of other robots.

I don’t even know what to say you guys.

Well, I can say one thing. This is probably a horrible spoiler, but Randall doesn’t really die. After all the craziness ends, he gets to come back and play more video games. Presumably the game session was immediately followed by Marceline trying to mind some kind of spare robot body to put the guy in. I wouldn’t mind seeing that guy around some more.

As always, ADVENTURE TIME #14 contains a backup story, this time the end to a two-part plot. Finn accidentally became a princess of the hat kingdom. Yes, Finn becoming a princess when he’s a boy makes no sense, but I guess the title of princess is far more important than in our regular human history. Unfortunately for Finn, being a princess is a lot less fun that saving them, especially when Ice King comes looking for the new princess and Finn inexplicably loses his hero powers. So does the land of Ooo function on Disgaea rules? Your character title isn’t just an abstract class, it’s a force that dictates your fate?

And why does Ice King just go along with his plan to kidnap Finn? I know the guy suffers from magic dementia or some such, but that seems a little sketchy. And kind of squicky when you consider Finn is a little boy. So Ice King gets turned off if the object of his desire (to kidnap and marry) is a little girl, but if it’s a boy he’s fine with it?

I need an adult.

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