The Weekly Pull (3/20/13) – DAREDEVIL #24


Once again, sinister forces haunt the Man Without Fear, sending even men with similar hyper senses to screw with him. But in DAREDEVIL #24, we come one step closer to the solution to the puzzle. Who is the mysterious individual pulling the strings? What’s his connection to Daredevil? What is the nature of Foggy’s illness? And can Matt Murdock mend the broken relationship with love interest Kirsten McDuffie?

As I explain in my post on Captain Marvel #11, it and DAREDEVIL share story elements that make it unsettling to read together. Namely 1) the existence of a mysterious puppetmaster orchestrating mind screws against the heroes for no adequately explained reason. And 2) character’s having life-threatening medical conditions leading to drama.

In the case of the latter, Foggy Nelson – Matt Murdock’s chubby law partner and best friend – might have cancer. We learn exactly what it is, and there’s still hope for the guy, but uncertainty still exists. And to no one’s surprise, Matt is angsting about it. It’s good that the writers decided to move away from the Frank Miller style super dramatic Daredevil stories, or else the scenes where Matt sits around and feels bad would be a lot worse. I’m not kidding when I say ten years ago, this plot would have been thoroughly mired in melodrama at this point.

As it stands, Matt spends his time doing other things, even cracking wise every once in a while. The drama is still there, but it’s also not going to get up and leave if we’re not watching it all the time.

Remember a few issues back when Daredevil got kidnapped by Latvaria and got rescued by the Avengers? And then Hank Pym spent an issue in his brain trying to restore his senses? Well Hank is back as Matt’s go to guy for trying to find out what’s the deal with the irradiated crooks. Yeah, a previous issue had Daredevil fighting blind convicts doused with the same chemicals that gave Daredevil his super senses (and mutated sewer animals into ninjas). Much to the irritation of the mysterious mastermind behind the conspiracy, Daredevil spent two weeks doing useless things like caring for his best friend who might have cancer, instead of trying to investigate the goings on.

It’s almost like Daredevil’s big, operatic life doesn’t revolve entirely around his supervillains all the time. Only most of the time.

That and dealing with his relationship troubles. Thankfully, at least something seems set to go right(?), because Kirsten McDuffie breaks theirs off at just the time when Matt could use the space. It’s nice to see conflicts resolved by talking to each other instead of with punches and contrivances.

I’m looking at you every superhero comic and crappy romance ever made, respectively.

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