The Weekly Pull (3/20/13) – SWORD OF SORCERY #6


After months of dilly dallying around with the damned black diamond, we’re finally meeting its true master: Eclipso! Duh. SWORD OF SORCERY #6 has the villain’s true nature revealed! What’s his connection to Gemworld? What business does John Constantine have with him? Who is the man who inherited the power of House Turquoise?

And yes, I still refuse to call it by its name. It will always be Gemworld to me!

I would go to the trouble of explaining the history of Eclipso, but because DC continues to try to weld as much of its prior history into baffling new forms that disregard the original context, the effort I would go to would be futile. You don’t need to know Eclipso’s history from decades of past publishing, because his entire origin has been rebooted to tie it to the new continuity. Specifically to SWORD OF SORCERY and Gemworld.

Which is good, because so far as I can tell, there isn’t a Spectre in the main DC Earth, and he factors heavily into the old Eclipso’s backstory.

What you need to know is that there’s been this black diamond bopping around the DCU for a while, throughout history. I think this was ultimately panned out in Team 7, but heaven knows I give no craps about that series. Point is, the black diamond is magic and evil, and now its owner, Eclipso, has risen to claim it for his own. This is all conjecture on my part, because for some reason the Eclipso and black diamond plot threads have been spun through several disparate series over the last year, and I do not care to track it all.

Thankfully, the whole mess seems to stop here, as our good friend John Constantine seems just as tired as I am at the villain’s presence, and makes a deal with him. He’ll let Eclipso return to his home in Gemworld, where he can stop bothering Earth. Give credit to Constantine, he’s a callous ass, but he knows he doesn’t want this to be his world’s problem.

Meanwhile, in Gemworld itself, Amethyst meets the common thief that inherited her grandfather’s powers when he died. I like how in all this world-building business, SWORD OF SORCERY did actually establish the concept of the “wild seed”. Granted it was way, way back in issue zero, an installment not guaranteed to be read by everyone. But in short, a wild seed is anyone distantly related to a house bloodline that’s just running around. If the entire family of a house dies, the blood power transfers to a wild seed because it needs to go somewhere, right?

The wild seed in question is a thief named Preet, and some of the conflict of this issue is our heroes catching him raiding the Turquoise House for stuff to fuel his newfound magic, and trying to figure out what to do with him. And also setting him up to be a potential love interest for Amy.

Once again, I hope you like politics mixed with your high fantasy.

The backup feature once again stars the immortal Stalker, who has discovered the woman he was hired to find is in fact his descendent. And she’s pregnant with a child that the devil wants. After she dies shortly after giving birth (not really a spoiler because it echos the death of Stalker’s own wife in childbirth), he has to escape with the baby. Because after so many years of being a hollow bastard, he wants redemption.

So basically, this is Shoot ‘Em Up, but with magic. And hopefully sans an incredibly hypocritical anti-gun message.

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