The Weekly Pull (3/13/13) – GREEN LANTERN CORPS #18


We’re still knee deep in Wrath of the First Lantern, and in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #18 he shifts attention towards John Stewart and Fatality. What secrets of the past still haunt these two ring-bearers? How will the First Lantern twist their greatest choices and deepest regrets to his advantage?

John Stewart for a long time was the odd man out in the Green Lantern mythos. A guy who you could be forgiven for thinking was simply there to fill a racial quota, Stewart had an uphill battle to prove himself to fans. Being the GL during Crisis on Infinite Earths helped a lot to expose him, as did the choice to make him the GL for the Justice League animated series. But there’s something that’s always hindered him.

At least to me, he’s kind of boring. Granted I’ve read few stories starring him, so I have only remote experience with him, but I never had much desire to either. Maybe that’s my own fault.

In an effort to make me care about him, GREEN LANTERN CORPS #18 dives into John’s history as a character, from his mother’s death, to his period in the US Marine Corps, to that one time he allowed an entire planet to explode because of his arrogance. And also that period when he had an afro, but it was the seventies so we can’t blame them.

Also Fatality is briefly covered, but Volthoom seems only vaguely interested in her history and pain. This issue is predominantly a John Stewart story.

For some reason, and this was not the case with any other issues in the event, the First Lantern decides to strip the two characters naked before raping their minds. You don’t see anything, but they’re still nude. Why? I don’t know, and I’m not sure if it was the decision of writer Peter Tomasi or penciler ChrisCross to do this. But it’s there.

I’m not making any judgments. I’m just voicing my confusion.

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