The Weekly Pull (3/13/13) – DEMON KNIGHTS #18


The vampiric forces of Cain march upon the isle of the Amazons, and our motley crew of medieval warriors have only just gotten together to ride against him. In DEMON KNIGHTS #18, will our “heroes” be able to cut off their enemy before he reaches his goal? Or will the Amazons fall?

Having successfully extradited Jason Blood from the clutches of Vandal Savage, the group such as it is travels to Xanadu’s secret hiding place. Naturally, Xanadu is greater than a common mystic, and easily breaks the curse of silence upon Jason, so the two can have a reunion. A reunion that turns sour when Jason remembers all the stuff Vandal Savage told him of Xanadu’s two-timing with Etrigan. Sure, it’s her word against Savage, but it’s kind of difficult to say the man is wrong when Etrigan comes out, and Xan immediately makes out with him.

Still no idea if one of the men is being led on, or if it’s both of them.

Riding off again, the newly reformed Demon Knights (sans Vandal Savage and Al Jabr, obviously) discover that they wasted too much time, and Cain’s undead horde already reached the shore opposite the Amazon home. Here we meet what remains of the shore guard, and we learn a lot more about Exoristos’ past (at least relatively speaking). Still no idea what crime she committed to get exiled, but we do know that she was best friends with the Amazon Fara, the one now used as Cain’s guide.

Also we learn the chief method for killing a vampire: remove the head, and destroy the heart. Or just burn them to ash with hellfire, that works too.

How much you want to bet this standard hasn’t been followed with other vampires of this continuity, and probably never really will be? Granted I only ever read two issues of I, Vampire, and don’t really remember a whole lot from it. Am I out of my depth here?

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