The Weekly Pull (3/13/13) – BLOODSHOT #9


Deep in the bowels of Project Rising Spirit, our amnesiac hero stands off against PRS’ most formidable agent: an obese old nanny. It doesn’t help that in BLOODSHOT #9, that obese old nanny has a personal force field powered by the fear of children. Can Bloodshot best the woman known as Gamma? Can he free the psychic children under her control? Will EMT Kara Murphy defy her duty as a medical professional to put out of commission the one cyborg standing between her and the shutdown of PRS security? And who is Dr. Kuretich truly working for?

Former PRS assassin Bloodshot was shaken from his programming by Dr Kuretich, and confronted with the fact that everything he thought he knew was a lie. Determined to find the truth of who he is, Bloodshot lead an attack on his bosses at Project Rising Spirit, alongside an emergency services woman and a psychic woman with the power to create electromagnetic pulses. But to his surprise, the location he ultimately broke into did not contain servers with his personal data on it.

Rather, it contained an entire load of psychic children. Children Bloodshot himself helped capture.

We find out that Doctor Kuretich, Bloodshot’s former handler, has been working on behalf of someone else. Given who it turns out to be, I can only assume by that and Kuretich’s own confusion on the matter that he himself was mislead about what Project Rising Spirit had in that facility.

I can’t say who Kuretich is working for. I can say that all this ties directly into the upcoming Harbinger Wars crossover. Which should be damn obvious, considering all the kids with powers running around.

BLOODSHOT #9 is the end of a story arc and the prelude to the next. As such a whole lot of spoilery things happen that I can’t talk about. What I can say is: Bloodshot fights a fat woman, Kara does the physically impossible by choking out a cyborg with a metal breathing tube, and Pulse gets the crap beat out of her. If any of that sounds interesting, by all means read the comic. Not just this issue, but all the ones up until now, because as I’ve explained previously, Valiant is doing some damn good work here.

On an unrelated note, BLOODSHOT takes a more realistic approach to regenerating superheroes. If we’re being literal, of course it’s not realistic for a character to rapidly heal from wounds. But in this case the book does something a lot of other comic/movie/video game series fail to do: give a consequence and cost to regeneration. Specifically, Bloodshot may have nanomachines that can heal his injuries on the fly, but he needs biomass to replace damaged tissue. There’s such a thing as conservation of matter and energy guys, and when Bloodshot has to cannibalize his arm muscle for protein just to keep fighting, the book obviously knows it.

Which makes Bloodshot a more badass character than Wolverine. Try shrugging off thousands of machine gun rounds without metal bones and consequence-free healing. Poser.

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