The Weekly Pull (3/13/13) – AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #18


Decided to give this one a try for various reasons. Electro, one of Doctor Octopus’ Sinister Six, has returned from the banishment Thor put his through last year. Now that Doc Ock is in the body of Spiderman, he must work to stop his old associate from claiming revenge. It’s AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #18, featuring Thor, Electro, and everyone’s favorite neighborhood Ottoman.

AVENGING SPIDER-MAN and I have a sporadic relationship. Like with Venom, I return to this series every so often for one reason or another, and I can do this because of its inherently episodic nature. For those who have never read it before, AVENGING SPIder-MAN is basically the book where Spiderman – either Amazing or Superior – teams up with another character for an issue.

I bought this issue for four reasons: 1) I wasn’t buying any other Marvel comic this week so decided it needed a little more love. 2) I was growing more interested in Thor as of late. 3) The reason I was getting more interested in Thor had to do with artist Marco Checchetto’s great incarnation of the character in Greg Rucka’s Punisher: War Zone miniseries, and Checchetto did the art for this issue. And 4) because it follows up on one loose thread from Ends of the Earth, an Amazing Spiderman storyline from last year.

Ends of the Earth was in many ways Doc Ock’s last big scheme, not counting his last real scheme to switch bodies with Peter Parker. A scheme that worked, which was probably a first for Octavius all things considered. Ends of the Earth had Ock’s Secret Six do battle with the Avengers. In the course of those events, Thor captured Secret Six member Electro (dude with the ability to turn into electricity) and dispersed him into the atmosphere. Because Thor is the Norse god of thunder and lightening.

And war, of course, but then that characterizes basically every Norse deity ever.

AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #18 begins with Electro finally reconstituting himself, and planning his revenge. His plan: get AIM scientists to much around with his internal make-up so he’s strong enough to kill Thor. It has something to do with turning his electric form based on electrons into one based on protons.

Because that’s science! My joking aside, I’m pretty sure atomic science does not work that way. But who am I to criticize a book where the main character is a mad scientist who switched bodies with a guy who received spider powers from radiation, who teams up with the god of thunder?

In spite of my bitching, this was a great little story. Once again, I love Checchetto’s art. And it’s nice to see such a long-standing plot thread get resolved. Ottoman is forced to form an appreciation for Thor’s heroic character, even if in the eyes of the genius, the Asgardian is still an arrogant meat-head.

Well that was fun. But as is my way, this will be all of AVENGING SPIDER-MAN for me, at least for the time being. Maybe I’ll stop back by in a few months. Or not, I make no promises.

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