The Weekly Pull (3/6/13) – SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #5


The dangerous psychopath Massacre stalks the streets of New York, a villain Peter Parker allowed to live. In SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #5, will Ottoman be able to rectify his predecessor’s mistake permanently? Moreover, should he be the one to do it?

In previous issues, Massacre – one of Spiderman’s more human enemies – escaped from a mental institution and started killing people. One of Massacre’s biggest massacres was at a burger chain restaurant called Burger Town, owned by fictional parent company Fizzy Cola. It’s chief competitor is Mocha Cola.

Why am I telling you this? Because that bit of background detail becomes the backbone of Massacre’s latest scheme.

His plan: force Fizzy Cola’s CEO to pay him a bunch of money to do what he does best in a crowded public area, wearing the logo of Mocha Cola, thereby diverting public attention away from the Burger Town killings and towards their competition. Thereby sinking Mocha Cola’s public image by tying it to a disaster, and saving Fizzy Cola’s. In addition to this plan being evil genius, I love that the book is actually using its minor setting details and building on them instead of just using it as a stand-in for a real product. It’s called world building, people, and I love it.

While this is happening, Otto Octavius inside Peter Parker’s body is having a delicious dinner with a midget physics tutor. Because there’s this entire subplot with Ottoman trying to get Peter’s doctorate finished because Peter let his superhero life deny him one final college credit.

No I’m not trying to be offensive or anything, the woman is in fact a little person. And she also might be my new favorite supporting character. Depends on how long she sticks around.

Ottoman further press-ganged co-worker Uatu Jackson into enhancing his spider robots with face recognition technology. On the face, it’s to find Massacre better. Underneath, it’s so he can spy one everyone in the city like Big Brother in spandex. It’s official, the Superior Ottoman has become Batman from the Nolan films. Except he doesn’t tolerate murderous lunatics.

Much to ghost/mental projection/whatever Peter Parker’s dismay.

What did you expect? It’s Doctor Octopus in Spiderman’s body. Of course he was going to become mad with power, that was always going to happen. It’s no secret. Personally I’m having a great time with it, but I wonder what more traditional fans of Spiderman are thinking. Whatever, I’m spinning my wheels at this point. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #5 is great, I can’t say different. Although it’s probably one of the most proactive books to tackle the question of lethal superheroes in a long time, because Ottoman actually decides to do something about it.

Batman certainly can’t boast the same. Yeah, I’m going there.

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