The Weekly Pull (3/6/13) – SWAMP THING #18


Rotworld has come to an end, but Alec Holland’s fight against his hated enemy Anton Arcane has not. He returns to the past here in SWAMP THING #18. But can he stop the cycle of doom Arcane wishes to perpetrate? And more importantly, will Swamp Thing be reunited with his love Abigail? Or will fate and the forces of life and death forever do them part?

If you want to get caught up on what’s going on, read my thoughts on Animal Man #18. Suffice to say Swamp Thing and Animal Man went to a horrible future where death is everywhere. The Parliament of Decay, the Rot’s secret council of vagueness, decided they didn’t like the work their avatar, Anton Arcane, was doing for them. So they gave our heroes a trip back in time to save their loved ones from being killed. All in a bid to prevent the horrible future.

While Buddy Baker is busy saving his own family (mostly) from his series main antagonists, Alec Holland gets sent to Arcane’s castle so he can beat the villain once and for all and save his lady friend. Now if only she didn’t have this huge destiny to fulfill.

Yeah, much of the resolution for this storyline revolves around Abigail, and how she’s rejected her tie to the Rot. That’s resolved here. Hurray. Also an older version of Arcane eats his past self, though I guess it doesn’t count since the older version now comes from a doomed timeline or some crap. I don’t even know, you guys. Time travel makes my head hurt.

SWAMP THING #18 is an awesome resolution to a plot line a year and a half in the making. So much so that basically everything we’ve built up over this period comes to a head (except the fate of William Arcane, which is resolved for some reason in Animal Man). The only thing that disappoints me is the bittersweet ending, and not in the way you might expect.

I especially don’t want to spoil this ending of all endings, but suffice to say Alec Holland and Abigail Arcane aren’t allowed to be together. Which is a shame, because I always assumed their romance being built up over the last year or so was leading to their becoming the couple that would potentially break down the barrier between their respective houses and stop the conflict between Green and Rot. And then the Red could just go screw itself or whatever. But such cannot be, and on the bright side this conclusion works too.

Goodness knows you’ll never receive a better jumping off point. Not that I’ll be taking it up on its offer. There’s a paradigm shift here, and I want to see where it leads. I do hope you’ll join me.

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