The Weekly Pull (2/27/13) – THE FLASH #17


After months of occupation (in publishing terms), the Gorilla Invasion finally comes to an end in THE FLASH #17. Can our hero assert his claim as the torch bearer of the speed force? Or will Grodd become king? Will the Rogues follow through on their promise to defend their city? What of Iris and the others lost in the speed force?

It’s been five months since Gorilla Warfare began, hot on the heels of a major conflict between the Flash and the Rogues. For those just tuning in, Grodd, the king of a race of speed force revering intelligent gorillas, led an invasion force to claim Central City. The ultimate goal of this attack was to capture the Flash and eat his brains, gaining mastering of speed Grodd thinks is his birthright. Since it would be hardly entertaining for the Flash to just run circles around his foes, Grodd gained access to Speed Force energy that had been collected by Doctor Elias. The latter having collected that energy under the pretense of the Flash possibly creating space time anomalies if he didn’t shed the energy off, and in reality to develop an energy source Elias could control. In fact, Elias seems to have a personal vendetta against the fastest man alive, but more on that another time.

Proving too powerful to beat while hiked up on speed force juice, Grodd trounced the Flash and put him into a coma. Realizing he’d never beat the ape in a one-on-one fight, the Flash decides to take the fight to where he’d have a home field advantage: inside the Speed Force itself. The source of the kinetic energy that powers him, the Flash is effectively all powerful while within it.

Also it just so happens to be where Iris West and a couple other residents of Central City have been lost in for the past three months in-story.

And while all of that is going on, the Rogues mount an attack on Grodd’s forces alongside the Central City police department in order to free the hundreds if not thousands of people enslaved to maintain an illusion over the city. Because of course if that massive illusion didn’t exist, there would be nothing to stop the US military and all the superheroes in the country from just marching in and kicking ape ass until the whole place stank of singed hair and shoe leather.

By the way, while Iris’ brother once again shows up in some panels, he does nothing and contributes nothing to the resolution. The only reason he’s here at all is because the comic had to account for him somehow because he’d be involved to a minor degree in the plot. And really only in such a fashion as he was swept up in the attack. I literally could have said exactly nothing about him in any of my writings, and it would have changed exactly nothing. Presumably he’s going to become a bigger deal in the next few issues, but as of Gorilla Warfare he might as well not have appeared. It’s going to make things confusing for anyone who picked up this storyline in a trade and saw this guy accomplishing nothing of note.

I can’t even remember his name, that’s how little impact he’s made so far.

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