The Weekly Pull (2/27/13) – SWORD OF SORCERY #5


Last week was so packed with comics I pushed this back. SWORD OF SORCERY #5 continues the story of Amy Winston (Amethyst) and her adventures in politics. Returning from her cameo in Justice League Dark, Amethyst demands to know about her father and the circumstances surrounding her and her mother’s exile to Earth. But can the two visit her father’s grave without assassins attacking?

It’s Gemworld, so probably not.

So if you missed the most recent goings on in SWORD OF SORCERY, Amy helpfully gives an exposition dump the literal second she steps through the portal back into Gemworld. And yes, I still refuse to call it by its given name. This place will always be Gemworld to me. Mostly because I’m a comic nerd and can’t afford to learn new names for things if I can help it. Mental storage space is at a premium as it is.

Through contrivance, the legitimate conflict over whether or not Amy should be venturing back to Earth at all when her mother was worrying sick for days is cut short by the realization that Amy had a dad and she should probably be filled in on what happened to him. Turns out death happened to him, and Amy’s mom decides it’s time to venture to his tome. She left with Amy as a newborn, and the dad died right before it.

Unfortunately, Amy’s wicked aunt Lady Mordiel hired some assassins from House Onyx, a particular set of two that are willing to break their own house’s wishes to take the job. That job: a hit on Amy’s mom, because Mordiel wants to maintain her control over House Amethyst and would rather have Amy alone to mold into a successor.

The rest of this issue is both the confrontation, as well as a lot of political and family intrigue that surrounded the marriage of Amy’s parents and their exile. And how the father ended up dead, and why. A persistent point in this series is that the power of the gem houses is more than just political, it’s also literal magical power that gets divided among members. And once you’ve got a taste of the power, it’s hard to resist wanting more.

Like All Star Western, SWORD OF SORCERY contains a backup story, this time with the immortal Stalker. Having sold his sold to the devil to cure his wife’s illness only for her to die anyway because of childbirth, Stalker was cursed to walk the world throughout the centuries. In that time he changed from a crusading warrior king to a hitman. It’s here that his master Lucifer (who looks much different than in Demon Knights though that’s artistic license for you) calls him in on a job: locate one young woman, and his soul is returned.

Stalker would totally do this job, it being for his soul and all. Too bad the target is his own descendant, and with child. Who could have seen that coming?

He asks, having totally seen that coming.

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