The Weekly Pull (2/20/13) – ADVENTURE TIME #13


BMO has been infected with a computer virus! Now it’s up to Finn, Jake, and Marceline to save him. But in ADVENTURE TIME #13, the trio find that many, many other robots have fallen under the same infection, and have gathered in one place. What is this significance of the gathering of machines? Who or what is Ewlbo? And can our heroes hack their way out of this situation?

I meant hacking as in computers, by the way.

As I predicted in the previous issue, Ewlbo was no wizard. He’s a programmer from before the Mushroom War.

Oh, did I forget to mention? Yeah, Adventure Time is set in a post-apocalypse realm a thousand years in the future. It’s kind of important to both the setting and the current plot.

Anyway, Finn and company follow BMO to an assembling of robots suffering the same viral effect. And then they all reboot, reactivating as Ewlbo, a dorky guy with a weird facial expression and delusions of grandure. Yes, all is one in Ewlbo. The virus is basically the Anti-Life equation from Final Crisis, except just with robots and the villain in much lamer than Darkseid.

And then they hack a military computer and meet the real Ewlbo. Confused yet?

There’s a lot of technobabble involved, and I don’t really want to explain everything (go read the book if you want to truly understand), but the gist is that Ewlbo (and corruption of “Kewlboy”; shave off the beginning and end) was, as I stated, a computer programmer who created a freely replicating program to hack into games and replace the enemies with his face. But then it got corrupted by a military program, and became evil. Also the guy programmed an apparently sentient reproduction of his own personality to survive the Mushroom War.

Dude, this programmer is bad ass.

Also, did you know Marceline can hack? She’s a survivor of the Mushroom War too, so she’d better know something of computers. Heck, the fact that they share many qualities (hacking, being immortal, surviving the old world) leads to the comic hinting at a kindred spirit relationship that could develop between the vampire queen and this guy. Maybe, if things don’t go south from here.

Which is what happens. Spoilers, but it happens.

My last thought before my headache breaks through my skull from how long it’s taken me to finish recounting this week’s round of comics, I like the depiction of hacking in this comic. It’s got a lot of the standard mumbo jumbo, but at least once we see Marceline doing actual hacking. And it’s boring. Which is exactly what real hacking is all about.

A better man than I explained it far better, but hacking is and has always been boring. At least to watch. It’s not filled with sexy people wearing sexy clothes and hammering away at their top-of-the-line Macs, sipping Surge and listening to techno while bright graphics spin around wildly on the screen. It’s boring, tedious, mind-numbing work done by regular people at all hours with stacks of computer manuals and patience. ADVENTURE TIME #13 actually deconstructs the popular perception of hacking (to a degree) through Finn and Jake assuming wildly inaccurate things about it. Because the most experience they’ve had with computer code is with the very movies that spawned this misconception.

So in this case, Finn and Jake are Joe Q. Public, times a million. That is hilarious.

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