The Weekly Pull (2/20/13) – SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #4


As Ottoman continues his quest to fully adapt to life as Peter Parker, one of Spiderman’s more dangerous “normal” foes breaks free from confinement and goes on a murder rampage. In SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #4, our villain-turned-hero goes on the trail of Massacre, the perfectly sociopathic killer with a grudge against the webbed wallcrawler. How great will Massacre’s massacre be? Will the Peter Parker personality inside Ottoman be able to mold his unknowing protege into the hero he needs to be?

Alright, backstory time. Thankfully it’s short, because I jumped onto Amazing Spider-Man late in the run and never met Massacre. Thankfully SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #4 itself gives a brief rundown. Massacre, a man who sustained a brain injury that left him just as intelligent but without an ounce of compassion for human beings, fought Spiderman in the past. Despite the man’s heinous crimes and the improbability of rehabilitation, Spiderman saved Massacre’s life when it was in danger. Now it seems Ottoman will suffer for Peter’s soft heart, as Massacre escapes captivity, leaving a bloody trail in his wake.

And until he gets on the case, Ottoman busies himself trying to cure Aunt May’s need for a cane, and then with trying to finish Peter’s doctorate. Otto doesn’t like the idea of not being a Doctor. He’s Doctor Octopus Spiderman, for crying out loud! It’s times like these I think this series might just work.

Obviously I’m waiting for when Marvel lets Slott reverse the Ottoman thing, but I can enjoy it while it lasts. Yes butthurt fanboys, I’m enjoying this change as far as it goes. Deal with it!

[Yes, I know this is short. I’ve been swamped. More in depth analysis comes later.]

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