The Weekly Pull (2/20/13) – DAREDEVIL #23


While we’re on the subject of characters getting potentially deadly diseases, DAREDEVIL #23 presents us with an unsettling revelation: Foggy Nelson may have cancer.

Oh, and someone is recreating the accident that gave Daredevil his hyper senses, creating super sense thugs, all to screw with him. Some more.

In one of the more confusing sequences I’ve read in comics (this year at least; I’ve seen far worse), DAREDEVIL #23 opens with a recap of our hero’s origin story. The visuals accompanying the narration, however, is a recreation by parties unknown, using convicts as test subjects. Their goal: recreate the accident that gave Matt Murdock his powers. And they do it by repeatedly staging the exact events of his origin. I’m sorry, but that’s just bad science. If you wanted to systematically reproduce the original results, there should be more solid testing methods. Strap the guys down and inject exact amounts of the radioactive material into their eyes! There’s no point in making them knock a guy out of the way of a car over and over, since it only presents innumerable points where it could go wrong.

All I’m saying is there are far more efficient methods for doing evil plots. Is proper application of the scientific method really so hard? Come on!

Elsewhere, Daredevil lends his assistance to Foggy in overcoming fear. Which is good, because the fat man is probably dying of cancer or something. Are we moving back towards the Frank Miller style angsty Daredevil stories? I thought we agreed those were played out. Anyway, the two discuss the fact that someone seems to be trying to screw with Matt.

Foggy suggests it’s Stilt Man, one of Daredevil’s oldest foes. It’s a joke of course, but now that I think of it…could it be Stilt Man?

Let me drop and beat, see if you pick it up. Who has Daredevil fought twice now in the last year of publishing? Who has apparently gained powerful augments to their battle suit that makes them almost a threat? Who would be so unlikely as the great mastermind of this operation that no suspicion would fall on them in all seriousness? The idea of Stilt Man, the guy whose gimmick is his penchant for elevated footwear, being the big bad is asinine. So asinine that it just might work. After all, it’s just a joke right?

Right? Eh, even I have trouble believing my own theory nonsense sometimes. But if it turns out it’s Stilt Man, just remember I called it.

Edit: Oh, and this marks my 200th post to this blog. Woot.

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