The Weekly Pull (2/20/13) – CAPTAIN MARVEL #10


I’m so behind schedule, so let’s knock the rest of these out quick.

Carol Danvers has fought aliens, robots, supervillains, and even the occasional dinosaur. But in CAPTAIN MARVEL #10, can our heroine face the horror of…a brain lesion? Can she continue being heroic without flying? And moreover, can she accept the diagnosis, or will her pride spell her doom?

After an entire issue devoted to her running errands and fighting dinosaurs, Captain Marvel gets a medical report from her local doctor: she has a brain lesion. Under the doctor’s orders, Carol cannot fly. If she does, the lesion could pop, leading to life-threatening brain injury. For her own good, Captain Marvel must remain grounded.

So obviously CAPTAIN MARVEL #10 revolves around waiting for her to disregard a trained medical professional and take flight. Why wouldn’t it?

The thing about Carol Danvers is she doesn’t like facing problems she can’t punch. This is established fact in the series, as evidenced by every situation thus far where her first instinct, be it giant robots or time travel, is punch until it’s resolved. But you can’t punch brain abnormalities. Because if doctors could just punch illness out of you, the world would be a much better place. Instead, Carol must deal with her serious medical issue, and given her disposition, it’s no surprise she defaults to that favorite aspect of grief: denial.

Personally I don’t much subscribe to the five stages of grief, at least not as hard and fast rules governing human behavior. But here it’s very organic.

On another note, we’re still using that fill-in artist who brings wonky proportions to character models. It’s less noticeable here, but it’s present nonetheless. If there’s a major complaint to be laid against this book, it’s how often artists shuffle through. I can only imagine what it will be like for the person reading this in trade format, only to be confused by the wildly shifting art styles.

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