With people disappearing left and right from a supposedly quiet European town, the Whistling Skull must call upon all the experience of his past incarnations to solve the case. It’s JSA LIBERTY FILES: THE WHISTLING SKULL #3. How can an ordinary man access the memories of men he’s never met? What is the mysterious Skeleton organization that commands him? And what secrets does this sleepy hamlet hold?

After a brief scene involving this universes versions of Hourman and Dr Mid Nite, where they discuss the surfacing of the newest Whistling Skull, we cut to said hero as he consults with his superior on what course of action he should take. His boss, Mr Teagle, orders him to draw upon all the experiences of his predecessors before he inquires aid again. It’s here we finally learn the secret of our investigating duo’s miraculous powers.

William, the Skull, underwent hypnotic suggestion therapy to install the memories of past Skulls, with the help of Dr Moon. Moon is a man with an exposed brain where his skull cap should be, and apparently holds the ability to confer (and presumably extract) memories. Meanwhile, William’s friend Nigel, alias Knuckles, received an ointment from his father – a man hinted as possibly being the previous Whistling Skull – which hardens Nigel’s skin. Thus is allows him to use the full measure of his prodigious strength without hurting himself.

Having caught and killed a mutant midget…thing…that was involved in an attempted child kidnapping, the Skull decides to take Teagle’s advice and see what previous Skulls new. This leads him forwards in his investigation (with a little help from the Sixth Skull’s time in Afghanistan). But there are many horrors that lie in this town.

Let me just say that what they find falls in line with their one previous encounter with a kidnapped individual. That individual, mind you, that basically had a bomb inserted into her chest. Fun times.

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