The Weekly Pull (2/20/13) – GREEN LANTERN CORPS #17


The First Lantern is free, and he’s wrathful. And hungry. “Wrath of the First Lantern” continues here in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #17. What plans does Volthoom have for the members of the Green Lantern Corps? Can Guy Gardner weather the power of this cosmic powerhouse? And what secrets lie in the heart of the most troubled corpsman?

Warning: This post contains minor spoilers for Green Lantern #17. You have been warned.

The Story So Far: Volthoom, the First Lantern, finally broke free from the control of the Guardians, and proceeded to subvert everything they’ve accomplished in a flash of white. But Volthoom, an emotional vampire with reality warping powers, cannot go far enough to change history…not without a recharge. And thus we have the current state of affairs: Volthoom needs emotional power, and he needs living souls to drain in from.

Presenting Guy Gardner, a hotbed of rage, resentment, jealousy, pain, and inner turmoil. Oh yes, he’ll do. For now.

The format for at least the next few months of books appears to be as follows: Volthoom traps the various main players in the GL mythos in a web of their own emotional history. There he tortures them with their tragic pasts in order to feed on their delicious feels. This time it’s Guy, as we see his history from birth to his involvement in Blackest Night. One of the better splash pages, and a thing we’ll see more of in other issues, shows Guy in all his previous incarnations. From childhood to early adulthood, from cop to rookie Green Lantern and on until the present. It even shows the extended period when he flew around without a Green Lantern ring, one of his time wearing Sinestro’s old yellow ring, and another when he ran around as Warrior.

That last one surprised me more than anything else. And here I thought the GL books had decided to just forget that whole period ever happened.

This was a great issue, especially if you have any love for Guy Gardner. One of my greatest regrets – at least so far as comics are concerned – is never getting into Green Lantern Corps before now. Instead I wasted time on Red Lanterns, and believe me when I say this event is not making me want to read the next issue of that.

…I might skim it, but I sure won’t put money down for it. I paid for eight issues too many, as far as I’m concerned.

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