The Weekly Pull (2/13/13) – THE STRAIN #11


This is it people. THE STRAIN #11 marks the conclusion to the adaptation of Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s brilliant reimagining of the vampire genre. But just because The Strain ends doesn’t mean the story is over; far from it. Can our heroes put an end to the machinations of The Master? Who are the mysterious other vampires who kidnapped that Hispanic guy? Has Ephraim come too late to save his ex wife Kelly?

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since THE STRAIN first entered publication from Dark Horse. But let’s not get too far into retrospective territory (at least not yet).

With hell breaking loose in the streets and Ephraim’s son’s mother stolen by vampires (it happens; oh wait, we’re in a more realistic world…crap), the alliance of three random guys and one woman have The Master cornered in his rat hole: the tunnels beneath ground zero.

Damnit comics, what did I just say about exploiting real-world tragedy?

Nora, the one chick in their group, stays behind to look after Eph’s son. But she sends him on his way with a kiss. Also, they bring a freaking Holy Hand Grenade with them, so there’s that. No I’m serious, they have an explosive that emits ultraviolet light that I swear was ripped straight from Van Helsing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. God knows this is a far better story than that movie.

Abraham Setrakian has a problem though. His spirit is driven as ever, but his health is very obviously failing. Really, there’s only so badass a grandpa can be before you start running right into heart problems. Dude wasn’t a kid even in WWII, and the years won’t be kind to him when it comes to face The Master.

That’s about it, except for one loose end involving Augustin the Mexican gang member. He’s a particularly loose end as far as my commentary on him is concerned. Thing is, his involvement in the main plot is almost nil, so it’s hard to justify talking about his subplot. It seems from the end of the issue we’ll be seeing much more of the guy…

…just as soon as THE FALL begins. This is a trilogy we’re talking about, and the adaptation of the second book starts in July. Here’s hoping I get around to writing the retrospective for this series before then.

As well as all the other retrospectives I’ve neglected in the past few months. And the trades I’ve read. And getting back to writing Nu Pulp. And my review show. Let’s just say in addition to all that and my school work, I’m going to be busy.

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One Response to The Weekly Pull (2/13/13) – THE STRAIN #11

  1. Cool pic. Haven’t read the series, but I have seen Van Helsing. You’re right … that movie needed work. Although there were some seriously hot women and female vampires (when they weren’t going all toothy-faced on you) in that movie.

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