The Weekly Pull (2/13/13) – BLOODSHOT #8

Bloodshot #8 (2013) Cover

Deep in the bowels of Project Rising Spirit, our amnesiac hero expected to find his true identity. Instead, all he found was men who want him dead (which he expected), cyborgs that want him dead (which is unusual but not out of the question), and psychic children that want him dead. That last part was where the plan just falls apart, here in BLOODSHOT #8. How will this sudden development factor into the upcoming Harbinger Wars? And what’s the deal with Gamma?

Last issue readers got to see Bloodshot as he was – an obedient soldier working on behalf of Project Rising Spirit, who controlled him with a serious of false, implanted memories. Proving that yes, this series does exist in the same continuity as Harbinger, one of Bloodshot’s previous set of missions revolved around capturing psionic children for PRS’ use.

Although – at least according to one member of PRS, a cyborg who acts as the controller for their cybernetic strike team – PRS sees the children as just as much a threat to the world at large as an asset. Given what we’ve seen in Harbinger, this might not be that great an exaggeration.

Actually, let’s examine that last bit. That cyborg I mentioned had an entire backstory of his own, and before BLOODSHOT #8 I thought he’d died. It’s a testament to the subtle manner in which characters are presented in this book that make this world seem like it’s filled with people who have, like, dimensions and stuff. Though it is worth noting that I know more about this guy, and kind of sympathize with him more, than the EMT who is threatening his life to aid Bloodshot.

I just met this minor antagonist, and I find him more interesting than one of Bloodshot’s principle allies.

Speaking of allies, Bloodshot’s other ally, Pulse the psionic, gets to interact with Gamma some more in this issue. Gamma, for those not paying attention, is an old, fat, ugly woman who acts as the caregiver/disciplinary agent for those psychic children. The book built her up to be this creepy, sinister figure who strikes fear into the hearts of all in her care, and it’s this issue where we learn why that is. Gamma eats emotions and grows stronger. Basically she’s a changeling from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but less elegant or insectoid, and fatter. And she doesn’t change forms, she just beats people up. And really, when you have to keep kids with unnatural mental abilities in line, you have to be a boss.

Also, did I just compare Bloodshot to My Little Pony? My job is weird.

Oh, and we learn more about these psychic children, though we’ve still yet to learn most of their names. One of them is named Cloud and another Clem, but we see them so briefly that I had to go back to check. A lot happens in this issue. Between giving minor villains character arcs, showing Gamma’s threat level, getting us better acquainted with the kids, and having Bloodshot get into the required battle, it’s a wonder anything got done.

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