The Weekly Pull (2/13/13) – DEMON KNIGHTS #17


It’s been decades since the titular band of bizarre combatants joined forces. But a marching army of vampires forces the old group into reforming, all in an effort to stop them. DEMON KNIGHTS #17, however, shows that not every member of that old group retained fond memories of their time together. Nor are they very forgiving.

Shining Knight, Exoristos, and Horsewoman were assembled by a heavily aged Al Jabr to combat the marching undead hoard of Cain (yes, that Cain). But if they stand a chance of beating the strigoi army before it bears down on Themyscira, home of the Amazons, they will need more muscle. And that translates to all the might of hell itself.

They need the Demon, Etrigan. Too bad Vandal Savage has other things to say about that.

Vandal Savage is a bastard. Let’s just make that clear right out of the gate. One of the surprising elements of the series when it started was how much less cold, calculating, and willfully ruthless he was several centuries before the modern day. But as jovial as Savage was, he was always a bastard. This is made all the clearer after Savage spent the intervening years systematically torturing Jason Blood, the immortal bound to Etrigan, for his own amusement.

And Jason can’t just call Etrigan and escape his imprisonment, because he has no mouth. And he must scream.

When they revealed in the previous issue how Jason had no mouth, I assumed Savage had mangled his mouth, and then let the flesh heal over as one solid mass. But no, he apparently had a wizard do it. Honestly, I can’t decide which is better/worse. On the one hand, having a wizard do it sounds like just the thing this series would do. On the other hand, Vandal Savage is a bastard, and I wouldn’t put it past him to go the direct approach.

Regardless, the three immortal women (or two, depending on how you count “Sir” Ystin) have to bust him out. Not so easy when at least two of them have deep personal issues with each other. Good times.

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