The Weekly Pull (2/6/13) – DIAL H #9


Who says Canada can’t have force behind it? Or that it can’t be a superpower? Well it’s got some superpowers on its side, specifically the ability to dial one. In DIAL H #9, Canada has a dial, and our pair of Nelson and Manteau aim to steal it. But can they get past the raw speed that is Centipede? And what’s that guy hiding? How does he know about the dials?

Our intrepid dialing heroes, Nelson Jent and Roxie “Manteau” Hodder, have tracked a stray dial across the world, seeking a replacement for one of the dials they lost. Slowly, taking turns with their remaining dial, the two find their best hope lies in the bowels of a Canadian research facility. But the place is well-guarded, by soldiers, by the designated Canadian dialer, and by the mysterious Centipede. The latter knows more about the dials than he lets on, even keeping what he knows from his own superiors. Maybe he’s got his own agenda, or he’s got a serious grudge against the country that made him what he is.

After all, his new Centipede mask, while equipped with plenty of useful tools, is pretty damn silly. And cumbersome, from the looks of it. Can’t wait to see him try running around like he does with that on.

As for the Canadian’s designated dialer, he’s a normal, unnamed soldier with a desire to do his country proud, but can’t seem to get the job done once he’s out on the field. But it seems, once again, that Centipede has a theory on what’s causing the inexplicable addled performance. We have our replacement for Ex Nihilo, people, and he’s clever and powerful. That’s a deadly combination if I ever saw one.

Needless to say, I’m really curious. Don’t disappoint me, Mr Mieville.

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