The Weekly Pull (1/30/13) – ADVENTURE TIME #12


Finally we (almost) round off last week’s comics with everyone’s favorite adaptation of a children’s show with massive peripheral demographic appeal. It’s ADVENTURE TIME #12.

Last time Finn, Jake, and Marceline the vampire queen got together for a night of high intensity video games. And since their sentient game console robot BMO just happens to have a function for transporting people into games, ala Tron, the got to play a play a Battletoads-level hard game in a fashion that could easily have killed them.

Fortunately for them, the game was apparently hacked, a process that seems to have also altered BMO’s personality from a sweet, innocent robot to a gruff Chicago-style gangster. That’s some kind of messed up stuff. Maybe the group should find whoever was responsible.

But first, we have to see what Lumpy Space Princess is doing. I’m not joking, several pages are devoted to LSP’s subplot, as well as more pages devoted to more peripheral characters. Why? No reason, they just need to fill space, and those guys haven’t done much of anything this entire series.

Also there’s something about an elaborate wizard contest Finn and crew hold, under the assumption that the hacker is some kind of powerful mage instead of just a computer hacker who may be long dead by then. Presumably BMO or Finn fished the copy of Super Gut Punch 3 out of an ancient crypt from before the Mushroom War.

Oh, did I forget to mention? Adventure Time is set in a magical realm that is the result of a nuclear holocaust. Except instead of waves of radiation, it’s magic. Thought I’d remind anyone who forgot. It’s kind of important.

My point being that this guy could just as easily been some hacker from before the Mushroom War. He hacked a hard game so he could beat it easily (ostensibly for bragging rights), and that hacked copy just so happened to have a computer virus. Of course that’s probably not what happened, but what makes them think a wizard did it? Because they always do it? Granted when you live in a fantasy world where magical stuff usually is the explanation, a mundane answer would probably be considered last.

As is the want of the ADVENTURE TIME comic (and basically every other children’s comic I read, and All Star Western), there’s a backup story. “The Ice King & His Magical Match-making Mini Comic” by Alexis Frederick-Frost and Andrew Arnold is part adventure and part instructional guide. The Ice King, magical ponce that he is, spreads his homemade mini comics to the citizens of the Candy Kingdom, which for some reason probably having to do with sorcery entrances people into reading it endlessly. It’s so boring and underhanded, Finn and Jake decide to create their own counter mini comics and distribute them. And thus we’re given a child-friendly guide to how one can create their own comic booklets, from preliminary scripting (no I’m serious) to bookbinding (as much as staples constitute bookbinding I mean). It’s actually pretty insightful as an illustrated guide to gorilla comic publishing.

And thus, thousands of well-meant but mediocre mini comics were born. Most will end up in a box, providing thousands of children their first batch of old shame. All is right in the world!

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