The Weekly Pull (1/23/13) – SWORD OF SORCERY #4


Finally getting away from science fiction, it’s time for a little fantasy with SWORD OF SORCERY #4. But wait, did we miss something?

So here’s the problem with a shared universe: events in a series are not always self-contained. Take for example SWORD OF SORCERY #4, which picks up on the adventures of Amethyst…but only after a few adventures regular readers didn’t see and weren’t aware would happen until they came back.

Apparently, after our heroine Amy Winston got sucked into a portal to Earth, she bopped around the Justice League Dark book for an issue and an annual. Something that was not hinted at in the last issue. News flash DC Comics: not everyone checks to see what’s going on in any every book in the line when they get ready to buy their comics. Some people keep a list of the series they follow, and deviate as strictly necessary. This is because we only have so much time in the day, and we like to assume if we need to read an unrelated book to get the full story, you’ll tell us.

DC, you were on the ball with the Green Lantern books. Why couldn’t the last issue of Sword of Sorcery have a box telling me to read Justice League Dark to see what Amethyst is doing on Earth? Telling me after the fact is just confusing, because even if I do pick up those two issues, I’ll be reading them out of order!

Not that this issue adds much either to the overall narrative. Amethyst hangs out with Constantine for a little while, goes to Chicago to eat pizza (since, naturally, Gemworld is noticeably deficient in it), and fights an evil corporate exec with a minor in witchcraft. And minor she evidently sucks at. And then Amethyst goes back to Gemworld, having accomplished virtually nothing.

It’s not that this was a bad issue, but it smacks of a pointless diversion. If you want to skip this issue for whatever reason, you won’t miss much. Well, except maybe the fact that Constantine took time off from his regular job to stalk Amy’s mom back when she was still on Earth.

That was funny. Real smooth, John Constantine.

Oh, and I almost completely forgot. The new backup story involving some guy named Stalker. Only thing I can say about it is while there’s more to come in later issues, if you’ve seen one story where a guy sells his soul to save his loved ones, only to have them die anyway in a cruel, in-no-way-ironic twist, you’ve seen them all. Trust me.

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