The Weekly Pull (1/23/13) – JSA LIBERTY FILES: THE WHITSLING SKULL #2 (of 6)


The Justice Society of America will never die! It’ll only be horribly retconned until the cows come home. JSA LIBERTY FILES: THE WHISTLING SKULL #2 has nothing to do with that.

Look writers, I’m a fan of nonlinear storytelling as much as the next guy, but I seriously don’t understand what’s happening in these opening bits. What, the eponymous Skull is trapped in a coffin in Japan with some kind of demon in there with him? This had better make sense by the time we get to part six.

Previously on THE WHISTLING SKULL, the Skull and his partner Knuckles ventured to Switzerland to investigate strange disappearances in a small town, on behalf of their organization The Skeleton. While receiving aid from a very obvious invisible man, they found a young woman recently rediscovered by her family after her own disappearance.

And then she burst into flames and exploded. I can’t think of a witty remark to say in response, so here’s more time to waste.

So it turns out small, rural Swiss villages have coroners, even though the comic states the village is so small nothing ever happens. The autopsy comes out that the woman had a super-heater implanted in her chest, which the Skull finds understandably odd. But enough sleuthing! It’s time to go to the Carnival. Sorry, DER KARNIVAL. It’s so obvious the freaks are behind the disappearing people, I can’t even be bothered to hide it for spoilers. It’s just too readily apparent to anyone paying attention.

Also, I like how the coroner is so jaded at the weird stuff that happens around his allegedly peaceful town that he doesn’t bat an eye at the Skull’s costume. I remind you, the guy wears a realistic zombie mask.

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