The Weekly Pull (1/23/13) – GREEN LANTERN #16


Week two of the new formatting, still haven’t decided whether I’ll keep it or revert to the old style.

“Rise of the Third Army” is nearly complete (apparently), so it’s time to see how the newest Green Lantern, Simon Baz, is doing. It’s GREEN LANTERN #16.

So last time, Simon Baz – interested in clearing his name of a crime he didn’t commit – tracked down the “victim” of the grand theft auto he did commit. Only it turned out the guy purposefully filled the van with explosives with the intent of blowing up a train. Not that it matters much, because both that agent guy and soldiers of the Third Army show up and blow up the house.

And then a space squirrel shows up. No, I’m not making this up; it only sounds like I’ve awkwardly jammed a space story into an otherwise pedestrian action movie.

So this space squirrel, Green Lantern B’DG, comes in after all hell has broken loose, looking for Hal Jordan because, as established earlier, the Guardians of the Universe have gone insane. But for reasons related to death, Hal and Sinestro aren’t available, and B’DG is the only one around who thought to clue in their replacement. You know, clue them into what a Green Lantern is supposed to do or how their rings work or why monsters from space are assimilating people. How sad is it that it takes a talking alien rodent to get things done around here?

The rest of the issue revolves around Simon getting his affairs (read: his primary subplot) in order, and then getting them on the road towards other plots. Specifically the one concerning Guy Gardner over in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #16, which occurs right after this. It’s kind of embarrassing how I’ve neglected that book for so long, given it’s roughly a third of the overall GL plot. In the interests of finding out how these things connect, I will be picking up at least GLC #16, probably as I buy GREEN LANTERN CORPS ANNUAL #1. That one comes out next week, and is the conclusion of Rise of the Third Army.

Which in turn leads to the beginning of the next big GL event, Wrath of the First Lantern. Why did I read Red Lanterns instead of Green Lantern Corps, again? Say what you want about Jon Stewart and Guy Gardner, they at least move plots forward.

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