The Weekly Pull (1/16/13) – PUNISHER: WAR ZONE #3 (of 5)

Punisher: War Zone #3 (of 5) (2013) Cover

Filling out the offerings from Marvel is PUNISHER: WAR ZONE #3. Remember this thing? It’s taking a while to play out is all I’m saying.

Greg Rucka’s final work for Marvel comics before leaving to focus on his own creator-owned work, PUNISHER: WAR ZONE is, for those who don’t remember, the followup to Rucka’s excellent Punisher ongoing series that ended sometime last year. In this miniseries so far, the Punisher is on the loose, his erstwhile partner Rachael Cole-Alves has been arrested for the deaths of three police officers (only one having been her fault, on accident even), and Spiderman – back before the whole Ottoman business – being intent on getting the Avengers to finally bring Frank Castle in.

Yes it’s a bit convoluted. Made more so by being set pre-ASM700, especially given what happened in other books this week.

Last issue, the Avengers sent Black Widow – evidently either healed from whatever happens in Winter Soldier or this being before even that series – in an attempt at subtlety. Once the delicate approach to catching the Punisher failed by way of starving native children (don’t ask), they opt for the next logical option.

They throw Thor at the problem.

I’m serious about that being the next logical option. If the weakest (comparative) unit fails, the smartest thing to do is send the strongest (comparative) unit to overwhelm opposition. None of this difficulty curve bullcrap. It helps that – perhaps as a result of the art direction in accentuating his lightning powers or his general no nonsense attitude – Thor comes off as a complete badass. Nothing beats conventional weapons and military discipline like throwing a Norse god into the equation.

And you know what? It works. If it weren’t for there being two more issues after this and we need to resolve the Cole-Alves plot thread, the series could have been over right here and now. But indeed, there’s still more to do, meaning Thor can’t just beat the Punisher up and capture him.

Instead, beers are shared. Like bros. Did I mention I love Greg Rucka’s work, especially on the Punisher?

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