The Weekly Pull (1/16/13) – DEMON KNIGHTS #16

Demon Knights #16 (2013) Cover

Next is DEMON KNIGHTS #16, where we return from a (perhaps necessary) time skip.

After you’ve battled your way out of Actual Hell, and participated in a massive four-way battle royale in Avalon, the only way to go down. So rather than take the chance with any lesser adventure, DEMON KNIGHTS #16 cuts out the middle man and just skips forward in time thirty years. Most of the cast is immortal anyway, so this is probably the most prudent course of action.

The Demon Knights disbanded at the end of issue 15 for largely stupid reasons, leading to them being scattered thirty years later. At that time, Exoristos, Horsewoman, and Ystin are (rather forcefully) assembled in a city in Moorish Spain. It’s a city of science ruled by our good pal Al Jabr, having grown older as a result of being the only truly mortal member of their group. He has a grave mission for the girls (Shining Knight, maybe): a vampire calling himself Cain (yes, that Cain) is assembling an army of undead and marching south through Europe. His goal is Themyscira, home of the Amazons and the place from which Exoristos was exiled.

So if they have any chance of stopping Cain and saving Europe, they need to get the band back together. This might be harder than it seems, however. Not every member spent the last thirty years simply avoiding each other, and not all contact was nice.

While it is nice to see a sense of time passing, I think Al Jabr could have used more scenes of him using crazy inventions to fight things in his youth. Oh well, at least this new story arc has not crap vampires. The truly sad thing is that I have to ask for vampires not to be crap.

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